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Leather Vest Work
SubVest.com :: SUBVEST Store :: VESTS :: SUBMARINE VESTS :: Leather Vest Work
Leather Vest Work
Leather Vest Work
I know you are out there...
those "leather wearing Submarine Sailors"...
and although I do not sell a leather vest directly,
I most certainly can work on yours! 
A leather vest is a very personal thing, and I would never dream of being able to supply the range of sizes or styles that are out there... also, you as the wearer need to try it on and make sure it looks good!  Once you have done that, you need to remember where you got it from... most shops will not take in leather vests for fear that they will mess it up and can't replace it.  If you send me your vest, please be understanding that if something goes crazy with the vest, I will do my best to replace it.  Don't send me something I can't replace.
Nuf said on that.....
Some Motorcycle groups have pre-made patches that are ready for an experienced seamstress to sewn on, if you have em'... send them.  I charge $10 a piece to sew on leather.   If you need me to make a patch of the USSVI logo on black fabric and then apply it on, I can do that too.  The cost for that is $30, as it is custom made and sewn on Black Outdoor fabric, so it does not fade.
Boats and Hulls
To have your boats and hulls embroidered on the back, I make a large rectangle patch of the boats as seen below and then sew that on the vest.  This too is sewn on an outdoor fabric to resist fading.  It is important for me to have your  vest for this part, as there are seams on the vests that I have to be careful with.
Weight 4.00 lbs
Link to Patches SELECT PATCHES FOR YOUR VEST - just add them to your shopping cart with your order and we will sew them on your vest
Price: $0.01
Color of the vest you are sending
Base Name
Would you like "Proud Wife" sewn under base name?
Boats & Hulls
Rate Ensignia (picture)
Your Rate spelled out under your name
How you want your rate printed out
I earned....
USSVI Back Logo
Type of Font for Boats
Thread Color For Boats
Command 1
Enter Command
Command 2
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Command 3
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Command 4
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Command 5
Eneter Command
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Custom Patches (space Permitting)


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